Vans California Fall 2014 Gum Sole Pack

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Vans California Fall 2014 Era 59 Gum Sole Pack

Vans California Fall 2014 Era 59 Gum Sole

Vans California Fall 2014 Era 59

After scouring the netz for new releases from Vans, which is a process that’s as consistent as the weather here in Paris, I found this Gum Sole Pack from Vans California that dropped a few hours ago.

Gum soles are fucking boss and not for the light-hearted. It says something, I can’t specify what, about your character and ability to wear shorts on days that you shouldn’t be wearing shorts.

You can pick them up here.

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  1. Chico
    Feb 18th

    Marilyn, sometimes the tihgns we have no control over just have a way of turning out well. I hope so, in your case. I think you have a pretty good chance with your excellent story.


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