This Is Not Safe For Work

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Although at my job I can get away with watching this in front of just about anyone. You should see some of the shit people watch here with inspiration and the see it all to know it all in their defense.

That’s how I like it anyways.


  1. Shiella
    Feb 18th

    Best thing I’ve done to help improve mylsef was to incorporate morning warm-up drills. I spend roughly an hour to an hour and a half on it every morning, including weekends (though if I know I’m not going to be working that day, I sometimes let it slide. But if I am working that day, I always make sure to do them.) They aren’t complicated, and the end goal is to train your hand to have better control; because at the end of it, if your hand isn’t doing what you want it to do, what makes you think the rest of it will be easy?The drills are as follows -Place 8-10 points in a line on side of a page, then another line of points opposite from those. They need to be the same amount on both sides. From there, play connect the dots and try to draw as straight a freehand line as possible in one go. If you try to correct it, or the line gets wavy, nix it and add a new pair of points to make up for the failed line until you have about 8 good straight lines.Next, I draw a line down the side of the page, and practice drawing freehand straight lines parallel to each other. The goal is to try and keep equal spacing between them. About 10 of these.The next drill is to draw a straight line, then draw over it 10-20 times. It gradually thickens up the line, but the goal is to train your hand to make repeatable, identical actions when necessary. You don’t want the thick line to get split ends, eventually it should look like you took a thick marker and drew a line.The next drill is the same as the previous, but with arcs or wavy lines. Same goal, but with a more complicated path.That’s followed by parallel arcs same as the parallel lines, but with the added difficulty of a curve. About 10 of these.I think draw two lines that have about a thumb width between them, and attempt to draw freehand circles inside those lines. The goal is to have the edges of the circles touch each other while still being circles. Again, forces your hand into being able to make consistent, repeatable shapes.I draw another set of lines, and do a variation of that circle exercise draw circles, but try to get them to overlap into the center of the previous one, so it looks like a row of venn diagrams. The goal is to be able to do that without distorting the circle.From there, I do 20-30 freeform circles of different sizes. These aren’t along a line or anything, I just try to fill up a quarter of a page with it. Again, the goal is to be able to draw repeatable, consistent shapes, this time with the added difficulty of different sizes. Larger circles are a lot harder to tame.Then I practice ellipses, going about it two ways: I draw the ellipse freehand then try to find the minor axis, or I draw the minor axis first, then try to draw the ellipse around that.From there, I practice some boxes, cylinders, and organic shapes, with the goal of making them appear three-dimensional without shading, just perspective and line.This morning routine helps me clear the cobwebs from my brain and loosen up my hand for the day. First couple of weeks a lot of it was horrendous, but I’ve noticed a marked improvement since then. If ever feel like something has gotten too easy, I change it up and make it a little more difficult for mylsef, like say combining boxes together into a complex shape.

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    Nov 14th

    I have a question? I have been doing HIIT for about 2 months and started by putting my rest as 4.0mph and highest 11.5mph. I decided to raise the recover mph up .1 every 3 days i do it. So, I have reached 6.5mph as resting . Isnt that too much, how can i change it up so my rest wont be too high.?


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