Pull & Bear

pull & bear

Here’s a proper clothier, of course based out of France.

Pull & Bear claims to create the cloth. The cloth in which those who shun away stereotypes would find themselves in. Basically those who wake up everyday and create their own style, whatever that means.

Nonetheless I love Pull & Bear’s clothing. Neutral toned palette, well cut, modestly priced and very appealing to both sexes.

It’s a shame there’s not a single franchise state side. Looking through why they don’t have one stateside I came across a possible reason why.

They have a very strict and consistent strategy and image to follow. IE : American franchisers might not agree with the chains that come with signing the document.

“Pull & Bear stores must be located in main streets or shopping centres in urban centres with a population density greater than 50,000 habitants. The minimum regular surface area of points of sale is about 550 metres squared, with a 12-metre facade and a 3.5-metres overhead height.”

I’d say their policies should rather be called “strategy” and are necessary for long term value.

Get your wish list on at Pull & Bear.

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