On Repeat: Sylvan Esso

Shit’s light and fun. Feels like you’re in some hip upper-middle budget music video, but you’re just walking home from work.

Also found on Spotify for you cats who love that shit like me.

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Verena Michelitsch

verena michelitsch art direction

verena michelitsch design

verena michelitsch illustration

verena michelitsch tag werk

verena michelitsch

Verena Michelitsch is an Austrian designer, illustratrice, art director babe.

Quite impressive, she’s worked among the talented hands & minds of Sagmeister & Walsh, Pentagram and currently at RoAndCo.

Her work is enchanting and I wish you’d take a detailed look into it.

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Parisii V / VI / VII

Yes, Yes, Yes and yes.

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Interviews with Sergei Vasiliev

Fuel Design, you know the publishers of those Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedias, have produced a fantastically interesting 10 part series of interviews with the original photographer of these men and women of the Russian underworld.

Take a few moments from your day and watch these.

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Leica Rolling Through the Shadows: Claudio Majorana

claudio majorana leica photo

claudio majorana leica

claudio majorana photo

claudio majorana photography

claudio majorana photos

claudio majorana

leica claudio majorana rolling through the shadows

leica claudio majorana

Leica’s ongoing series titled Rolling Through the Shadows, whose aim is to bring to light the intense and romantic relationship between photography and skateboarding, has released a new issue around Italian shred Claudio Majorana.

Claudio has a stark voyeuristic view on the world. I feel a stark solace looking at his work. Alone yet surrounded by what doesn’t even matter.

You can read the interview/article here and see all of Claudio’s work here.

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Golf Wang & Vans

golf wang vans tyler the creator

golf wang vans

vans golf wang

While I certainly will not be spotted sporting these I have to condone the fact many will go so bold, especially in the name of odd Odd Future cult Golf Wang.

The collection is going to be available from July 18th onward on golfwang.com

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