How’d We Miss This

meteor merlot

The beautifully thought out packaging of Meteor Merlot, designed by WORK labs, managed to slip right under our fucking noses without a whiff on the damn Lovely Package.

[start.lovelypackage.rant] () { They’re a lovely blog, ironic isn’t it? They just post a lot of dirt. What I mean by that is they have so much content that they don’t filter that needs filtering from their homepage.

Keep it clean, keep it focused. } [end.lovelypackage.rant]

Cheers WORK labs for your magnificent merlot.

meteor merlot WORK

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Art School

ballard bee company

I can care less who designed this packaging for Ballard Bee Company. I found it on lovely package (of course) today as I was skating the web.

I don’t care about the design/typefaces/layout/cleanliness/simplicity/etc. Every time I’d walk into the design studio last year with Perry or Lotz I’d see the sophomore “bee” project out on display. Deja Vu.

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Camper x Swing Swing

camper swing swingcamper packaging

“Camper commisioned Swing Swing the design their spring-summer retail bags. One bag portrays the brand as a big and colourful infinite loop and the other as the rainbow at the end of the walk.”

Where do you think I quoted this shit from? Of course its lovely fucking package.

I love camper’s type and this bag is one not to throw out. Lovely, lovely packaging. Way to go Swing Swing.

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Awesome Beer Packaging


Nothing that we love more than beer…I love the lions head caps but this definitely has them beat. A rock paper scissors game you play with each other uncapping your beer. So rad I wan this be in stores right now! Oh and not to mention some great design, love the colors.

-Lovely Package

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