Hana Haley

hana haley

Hana Haley is a photographer from California.

I want to know what she shoots with that results in such saturation and chromatic beauty.

I have a feeling she fucks with the scanner.

Also on a side note; she’s definitely a BSB although not outright with it (no profile pictures).

She has all the requisite to be one but this is one of those things that we’ll never know unless the lady herself contacts us with some headshots.

Hana, please do this.

Until her babedom is configured you’ll just have to enjoy her work on Flickr or on her blog (which I’m now following).

hana haley photoshana haley photographshana haley photo

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Endangered Species: BSB

hana haley photography

It has become very difficult to find these “BSB’s”. Luckily today I was able to retrieve a few images in my stream that linked to a babe who shoots babes named Hana Haley. She shoots vintage scenery and creamy white lo-fi babes.

We need to greatly appreciate Hana Haley and the other BSB’s out there, part of a dying breed.

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