Advertising 101 : You’ve Screwed Up if You’re Here

I’m not here to talk about the advertisements below created for Accenture. I’m bringing to you my favorite source of advertising news on the planet.

Copyranter is that source, and while he’s the best source you’ll find you certainly don’t want your glossy 8.5 by 11 creative execution that you and your team busted ass for to show up on his blog.

He’s a copywriter with 18 years experience and I’d say 17 years of loathe for the world.

So enough, either check out Copyranter or don’t. Here’s what he had to say about these two Accenture ads.

“If you spend any time in airports, you’ve seen Accenture’s animal kingdom metaphor campaign (the follow-up work to the killed—because of out of wedlock fuckplosion—Tiger Woods endorsement ads).

Accenture with 236,000 employees in 120 countries, is the largest business consultant firm in the world. Their fees are fucking gargantuan.

So you’d think they’d know a thing or two, and show that they know a thing or two in their ads. No.

You get shown something that they don’t do (L), or you get shown something that means nothing. “Today’s challenges are different”—no fucking shit, shitheads.

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