Perry’s Pressing & Painting

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in art stuff, design, illustration, shred, skate | No Comments

Although I’m out in Paris, far far away from longtime soulmate, poutine partner and swell-bud, Mike Perry; I’ve noticed that he’s been pressing, cutting, shaping and painting decks for what looks to be called Lignum Skateboards.

I remember awhile back we were writing to each other and he mentioned starting up a deck press. Well the work speaks for itself but I need to say something. Mike I’m so fucking proud of you and psyched that you’re doing this. There are so many people that never put action to their words and I hope this shit takes off, it looks beautiful and promising.

To update yourself with Lignum Skateboards and Perry’s daily decks, follow him on Instagram.

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