Knee High(s) of the Week

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I’m in a predicament and I need to run to class and you may think that this is no big deal but I’ll tell you what, it is a big deal. We can’t have two knee highs of the week.

It’s a tough process (you have no idea) and hell of a selection filter. Don’t even get me started with the narrowing process.

I’m like a knee high 8-core processor with 8 gigabytes of ram. I process a ton of knee high bits every day and on one uncertain and irrelevant day of the week I parse out some knee highs worthy of their own post.

You’re getting an inside look right now at the final filter. Who is it? The babe with the Russian 35mm film camera or the babe in the stripes?

I’m thinking those stripes are too thick, naval stripes are my control and these stripes go way out of bounds.

I didn’t say I decided, help me.

More posts to come around 3 when I’m back from class.

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