How to Get the Ladies #3

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Welcome to the third edition of “How to Get the Ladies,” trust me, this one is not only coordinated but it will also allow you, if worn correctly, to hear your first ever female-to-man cat call.

Let’s get moving, because I don’t have a lot of fucking time.

taylor stitchtaylor stitch indigo

We’re cascading top to bottom in wardrobe daperness as you can see right now.

Taylor Stitch just released this set of indigo goodies for you to keep warm and good looking.

levis 501 brooks brotherslevis brooks brothers vintagelevis brooks brothers

Moving down to the slacks you might have actually shit your current pair.

These are real. Brooks Brothers teamed up with Levi’s for a set of killer 501′s. Be weary ladies.

Tricker’s for End Hunting Co- British Craftsmanship Collection

And lastly, because we need to finish this up, the Tricker’s for End Hunting Co: British Craftsmanship Collection.

These are in very limited numbers, an exclusively beautiful shoe from British Shoemaker Tricker’s. Take the advice and you might be looking good.

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