How to Get the Ladies #2

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I’m surprised, a little astonished. I think this week’s How to Get the Ladies series is a “nice one.” Let’s start off with M.Nii, a surfer’s brand from Hawaii. Made in the USA and simply rad. Below is an image of some old school shred action followed up by their seasonally timed Heat Sheet Sweat.

As you move past that you’re bound to find, envy and possibly purchase a watch from Komono. They’re simple and cheap yet you’re going to find one that’s seemingly too perfect for you, or one for every other day sort of thing.

Now those will get you started with just looking the part, which is a man who knew what to put on today based on the science of dressing yourself. Which isn’t a science.

If you have a salary or your parent’s are looking to spoil you this holiday season, Band of Outsiders Fall collection will take you past third base upon first glance. I’m not kidding, look at Josh Brolin.

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