Down and Out

The Queen is dead. I’m sure you’ve noticed. The last post was in January, before that, Cyber fucking Monday.

I’m moving back to NYC in two weeks. Au revoir Paris. Maybe the Brooklyn air will inspire a new Popflys. Anyways, I’ll get back to you on that. So until then, have fun, god speed, good skate, good sport.

See you on the flip side.

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New Digs



Moved in here December. Starting to feel like a home, but smaller.

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Me at work


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Vans Vault Mid-Skool ’77 LX Nubuk

Vans Vault Fall 2013 Mid-Skool ’77 LX Nubuk

Vans Vault Mid-Skool ’77 LX Nubuk

Winter is coming, I can’t stress that enough and no I’m not making references to Game of Thrones despite my anxiety in waiting for the new season to premier. All humans can hope.

With that said, you’re probably going to be stomping off to work or school in some less than fortunate weather.

Vans Vault has your feet covered with the Mid-Skool ’77 in Nubuk to keep feet dry from the piggy toe all the way to the big one.

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All Together Now

mike perry

This guy is coming tomorrow. That guy is Mike Perry, the lost other writer of Popflys.

He’s coming here to Paris to figure shit out and hopefully stay here long term.

I’ll tell you what this summer is going to involve.

It starts off with Title Fight in Amsterdam this Friday, then an after party that doesn’t end until we both have jobs we love, then the after party just becomes life.

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It’s all about to smash to pieces and become completely broken. I’m talking about my life. Up until this point it’s been quite selfish. Say I’ve done something for you, if you know me personally, and I’ll be sure that whatever it is it was likely done for personal gain or pleasure.

Don’t shit yourself and sling invisible stones at me, you’re not exactly a member of Mother Theresa’s street crew either.

My lovely lady, muffin, little troublemaker, soft spot and girlfriend among other flagrant titles that I come up with is moving in with me. I’m on the train right now heading to London to get her.

Selfish Self has to stand aside and make space in his apartment, share the bed, make joint grocery shopping trips and buy dinners for two. This shit hasn’t hit me yet. I’m sure this will be one of the folded pages in my book, I still don’t know who would care to read it though.

Among my typical repertoire of posts I’ll keep you updated on this.

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