Berg Cloudwash

I’m always happy to see and learn about what Berg is doing. They’re a group of extremely bright individuals that fuse like flint and tinder to make fucking fire.

I want a washing machine this cool when I’m domesticated. That’s no sarcasm.

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Cinedrones are Awesome

Anti-Media based out of Norway has been making your home videos look like tapioca and now they’re raising that bar one more fucking time with the cinedrone.

Drop your jaw.

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Subscribe & Watch: Veritasium


Veritasium is the first youtube channel I’ve subscribed to.

It’s a perfect second-screener for wherever you find yourself. I personally watch this shit all day at work.

It’s a channel of shorts that reveals, video by video, the most intriguing subjects of science.

Take my advice, as you have taken it before, and start watching Veritasium. Start with this one about the speed of light.

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Nolab Digital Super 8

nolab digital super 8

nolab super 8

I’ve hardly ever played with video. It’s time consuming and honestly I never find my ideas applicable to the medium.

From what I know, the Super 8 format is kind of like an old best friend. Despite the digital world, certain still even use it to shoot.

Nolab has been working on developing a digital solution, finally providing the option for your favorite Super 8 camera.

“At the heart of the Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge is a tiny but powerful 5 megapixel image sensor similar to the one in your smartphone. Combined with a custom glass objective lens, the sensor focuses on a ground glass image plane pressed against the camera’s film gate. By using a 5 megapixel sensor we can capture 720p HD footage at the native Super 8 aspect ratio of 4:3.”

Read more about it.

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Anitype is an exceptional new Chrome Experiment that I’ve just started playing with, realizing that I’m still at a very novice level in my JavaScript use, created by Jono Brandel from Google.

Speaking of Jono, he’s a damn impressive 27 year old whose work you need to worship.

Please, please, please explore some of the entries, letter by letter, on Anitype. It’s going to unveil a world of ideas, I promise you that.

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Best of Tumblr 2013

tumblr year in review

The team at Tumblr released their year in review and it’s fucking sick.

I’ll let them explain it for me.

Tumblr’s Year in Review is a showcase of the best stuff on the Internet from 2013. Follow along for a daily dose of creativity, humor, humanity, fandom, and sharing.

And GIFs. Lots of GIFs!

How’d we get these incredible results? We analyzed millions of blogs, billions of posts, and zillions of notes according to a number of factors — total volume of posts and tags (original and reblogged), web traffic, follower growth over time, and more. Finally, we put them into the blog you’re reading right now. Hello!

TL;DR — It’s been a great year!

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