The Universal Typeface Experiment

universal typeface experiment

You probably never realized it but BIC is your god damned lifeblood. Specifically the BIC Cristal Ball Point Pen (deserving of ALLCAPS and shit, BIC get’s so turnt up that they decided to reinvent the spelling of Crystal. They only fuck with the undisputed vowels).

They created this well put together and rather interesting web app/experiment/project jawn that connects whatever fucking device you have on hand to your computer, and once connected you can contribute to the universal typeface.

Shit’s already boasting 125 different countries and almost one and half million characters.

Go check out The Universal Typeface Experiment and contribute that chicken scratch you call handwriting.

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If you didn’t watch the visually pleasing film advertisement that was produced for the ROY G BIV Color Synthesizer Application, then allow me to explain it to you.

It’s an application. It’s a synthesizer. It’s parameters are based on the color your telephone’s camera records. That means you can make colors sing.

There are some real big-wigs behind this project, from the dead Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dick Cheney, Ernest Hemingway and more and more. To see the whole list of who had a hand in this beaut you can check the vimeo credits HERE.

Download that shit on iPhone or Android.

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Adobe Ink & Slide

I’m busting at the seams, in my pants and my shirt, with excitement to get the fuck back home this August and buy the Adobe Ink & Slide tools for iPad.

I don’t really want to explain it’s fantastical game-changer-ness to you so I suggest you watch the video I took the time to steal from Cool Hunting for you, or head to their dedicated site with all types of info.

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Genius: Face to Gif

face to gif

Make your face into a downloadable gif with your webcam. What more can I say?


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The Temples of Consumption

the temples of consumption

the temples of consumption architecture

the temples of consumption blog

the temples of consumption champalimaud

the temples of consumption site

the temples of consumption tom fords ranch

temples of consumption

This is unlike most of those architecture porn blogs that consist mainly of all glass fa├žades and what some asshole considers a “gorgeous angle,” usually so obscure that you can’t tell if you’re looking at a software bug or something constructed by the great FLW.

No, The Temples of Consumption is not that shit. However, it is that good stuff. The architecture porn that you couldn’t even torrent on, the, nor

It’s a rare view into the world of the wonderful, and it’s magnificent.

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I See 5c


Isee5c is a marvelous little tumblr that Apple has created to showcase their one-a-day, masterfully animated, 15s spots for the colorful iPhone 5c.

They’re going to make you smile, so I suggest you view a few of them if your day is less than 60% swell.

An account manager from Publicis would say: “Minimal, elegant, low-cost and effective. We hit the jackpot.”

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