New Vans Classic Slip-On CA

Vans Classic Slip-On CA

Vans Classic Slip-On

Vans california slip-on

The Vans slip-on may be your classic carefree kicks, you know when don’t want to wear socks while sipping bubbly on your New England summer home dock by the lake, but these jawns be downed in Torino Italian leather and suede.

The choice isn’t simply red nor blue either. Shit’s Winetasting Red and Dark Slate Blue.

Get it over at the DQM.

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Vans Old Skool Reissue Vansguard

Vans Old Skool Reissue Vansguard

Vans Old Skool vansguard

If your material lingo be weak, Vansguard means that these puppies are waterproof to boot.

Pick some up and go stomp around in puddles of blood, just kidding it’s spilled cherry slushie.

Available at Bows & Arrows.

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Golf Wang & Vans

golf wang vans tyler the creator

golf wang vans

vans golf wang

While I certainly will not be spotted sporting these I have to condone the fact many will go so bold, especially in the name of odd Odd Future cult Golf Wang.

The collection is going to be available from July 18th onward on

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Vans California Fall 2014 Gum Sole Pack

Vans California Fall 2014 Era 59 Gum Sole Pack

Vans California Fall 2014 Era 59 Gum Sole

Vans California Fall 2014 Era 59

After scouring the netz for new releases from Vans, which is a process that’s as consistent as the weather here in Paris, I found this Gum Sole Pack from Vans California that dropped a few hours ago.

Gum soles are fucking boss and not for the light-hearted. It says something, I can’t specify what, about your character and ability to wear shorts on days that you shouldn’t be wearing shorts.

You can pick them up here.

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Atelier Ace x Vans Era 59 for Go Skateboarding Day

ace hotel x vans

The day that you have all marked down in calendars and have surely planned long ahead of time a big day off from the daily grind, you’ll haver access to these Atelier Ace (which is the Ace Hotel by the way) x Vans Era 59 kicks.

I imagine that you’re going to have to open this web page and place an order quicker than lightning this upcoming Monday. So be prepared if you want your feet in these beauts.

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Stan Smith Stinks

adidas stan smith limited edition

A perfect metaphor for those terrible human beings who are hell-bent on persuading you that they’re 3.0 while you’re so 2.0 and that they are key holders to the secrets of our generation, which seems to mean that they’re followed by more people they don’t know on instagram than you are, are the Adidas Stan Smith shoes.

You’ll see them on just about anyone who doesn’t have a clear idea of what their purpose is in life. You’ll also probably often see this same type of person commanding complex verbal-syrup algorithms for flavored coffee and reading articles about the benefits of eating kale cookies or some shit like that.

I’ve had about-a-fucking-nuff. The streets are running with these base model Adidas kicks that you would kept in your closet collection back in high school when you actually were cool.

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