Don’t Lose Your 90′s

coke magic


Let me introduce to you Coke Magic.

They’re like the best concept store you’ll ever set your fucking eyes on, because the concept is the 90′s and it’s not even a concept at all, it’s reality lost and we’re all clearly still on that fucking comedown.

Now I know that dropping like 40 bones for a Master P short sleeve seems like a dubious fucking financial decision, but that’s the thing about the 90′s. Nothing seemed right, but then we realized that it fucking was.

Get geared up at Coke Magic.

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Converse Chuck Taylor Tri-Color Pack

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Tri-Color Pack

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Tri-Color

I haven’t considered sportin’ a pair of Chuck’s in probably a damn decade.

Now I just want to hook my feet up with these jawns, mainly because they’re simple and sexy (simply sexy), and strut.

You can grab them at Kith NYC online or in store.

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365 Days in MeUndies

My attention has never been driven to think that my under garments happen to sub-par until I saw this delightfully enticing promo from MeUndies, a brand claiming to be the world’s most comfortable underwear. Miraculously, without even owning a pair of said world’s most comfortable undies, I agree with them.

Whoever is running the art direction for MeUndies is doing it how it should be done when selling underwear.

Just look at this popsicle shot.

For the rest of the day I will be considering ordering new under garments. I’m happy with that and for the moment I’m quite conscious about my genitals’ feelings.


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Vans Golden Coast Slip-Ons

vans golden coast

vans golden coast slip ons

Are you not interested in tying weak ass shoelaces every time you want to get up and out on the town?

You’re a slip-on guy and boy does the Vans DQM have some fresh new puppies for your feet to adopt.

These Vans Golden Coast slippies, the iconic checkerboard jawns, are unfortunately sold in the store only, so get your ass to NYC.

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Genius work once again from TOILETPAPER for KENZO’s 2014 campaign.

I do believe this is the second year that they’re working together and it’s once again pure magic and excitement.

If your poor soul hasn’t had the chance in getting to know TOILETPAPER yet, I say it’s high time that you do.

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Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk wood carpet

Elisa Strozyk wooden carpet

Elisa Strozyk wooden textile

Elisa Strozyk wooden textiles

Elisa Strozyk is a Berlin born artist and maker who creates these enticing wooden rugs & blankets.

I personally am head over heels for that blanket, you know that no woman could resist the inquiry to snuggle beneath it, immersed in the scent of what looks to be pine, body contact and sexual intentions.

See more of Elisa’s creations here.

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