Volcom True To This

volcom floating ramp

Radical is being pushed beyond radical with Volcom’s new film to be premiering around the world on October 5th.

Yes that is a floating mini ramp, and yes, you’ll never skate it.

See more floating mini pics at Desillusion Mag

Information for the premiers can be found here.

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Think Thank is Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack

Think Thank is going to be premiering their latest film, titled what is titled above, very very soon.

Personally I’m shitting where I sit waiting for this. If you’ve never seen a Think Thank film then you should probably start with Patchwork Patterns.

Aside from incredibly radical snowboarding, the soundtrack and art direction is top top.

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Nike – Never Not Part 1

The word epic has been abused and used in to describe many events, people and things not one bit worthy of legitimacy as the word defines.

This film, this Nike jawn that’s about to hit the digital shelves and the screens of promo parties all over the world, is worthy of being claimed epic.

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Burton presents [SNOWBOARDING]

It’s shy of five minutes long and it’s the best damn trailer I think I may have ever witnessed. You’ll get chills. This fall.

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Last Day on Hill: The Movie

There’s probably not many of you that read Popflys and partake and snowboarding. Understood, it’s a rich kid’s sport and requires balls to go big.

Nonetheless I’ll have you know that Last Day on Hill: The Movie is not for snowboarders but for everybody.

Watch it, enjoy it and reflect on it.

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Watch Sven Thorgren throw some modest triple-corks in Åre, Sweden.

I think it’s getting played out.

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