Pot Smoking Skiers!

pot smoking skiers inside edition

I always knew there was a reason behind why all skiers, besides you Dad, are totally bogus fart sniffers.

Watch them rip!

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Shred Time

These two videos are a necessary watch to improve your Monday as I’m sure it’s not going so swell based off of the fact that it’s just it, Monday.

Seriously these are both sick and worth your time.

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Making me question myself. Above all why I’ve distanced myself so far from one of my most cherished activities. I don’t think it would be stretching it to say that snowboarding and a close proximity to the mountains has brought me up and is my lifeblood.

It’s the best drug because once you’re addicted to it the high never fades. You don’t get a fraction of the feeling of that first time you did it, every time you go out and do it. It’s strong, body and mind, every time.

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The Making of ‘True to This’ Episode 1

Inspirational, rooted and rad. That’s it.

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Weird and Bitchin’

Oh you don’t watch snowboarding videos?

This is an exception. You’re going to have to watch it and learn yourself up on some frontside freshies. This shit’s crazy.

Have a wonderful weekend, shred if the weather’s permitting, slay ass if your game is tight and buy alcohol. Then drink it.

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Nike Never Not – Jed Anderson

I’m warning you. If you’re sitting in a place where shouting out “ohhhhhh shit!” is going to be heavily frowned upon, then you should bookmark this and come back to it later.

Jed Anderson destroys the land in Nike’s Never Not Part One.

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