Jack Fardell Hit and Run part

Few people fuck up so much diverse terrain as Jack Fardell does in his Hit and Run part.

Watch it or die.

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Parisii V / VI / VII

Yes, Yes, Yes and yes.

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Leica Rolling Through the Shadows: Claudio Majorana

claudio majorana leica photo

claudio majorana leica

claudio majorana photo

claudio majorana photography

claudio majorana photos

claudio majorana

leica claudio majorana rolling through the shadows

leica claudio majorana

Leica’s ongoing series titled Rolling Through the Shadows, whose aim is to bring to light the intense and romantic relationship between photography and skateboarding, has released a new issue around Italian shred Claudio Majorana.

Claudio has a stark voyeuristic view on the world. I feel a stark solace looking at his work. Alone yet surrounded by what doesn’t even matter.

You can read the interview/article here and see all of Claudio’s work here.

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Carlin Diaz Appreciation Time

carlin diaz design

carlin diaz illustration

Long time pote (that’s homie in French) Carlin Diaz has recently stocked the shelves of his portfolio with some tasty snacks.

I simply want to illustrate my admiration for you and your work brother. Let’s pati soon.

He’s been working on some illustrations, animations and titles sequences for the shred film J’aime les filles (I like girls) with Parisian filmmaker Guillaume PĂ©rimony. I can’t wait to see it. Take a gander at one of his early films Megamix, you’ll be happy you did.

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Atelier Ace x Vans Era 59 for Go Skateboarding Day

ace hotel x vans

The day that you have all marked down in calendars and have surely planned long ahead of time a big day off from the daily grind, you’ll haver access to these Atelier Ace (which is the Ace Hotel by the way) x Vans Era 59 kicks.

I imagine that you’re going to have to open this web page and place an order quicker than lightning this upcoming Monday. So be prepared if you want your feet in these beauts.

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