Perry’s Pressing & Painting

Although I’m out in Paris, far far away from longtime soulmate, poutine partner and swell-bud, Mike Perry; I’ve noticed that he’s been pressing, cutting, shaping and painting decks for what looks to be called Lignum Skateboards.

I remember awhile back we were writing to each other and he mentioned starting up a deck press. Well the work speaks for itself but I need to say something. Mike I’m so fucking proud of you and psyched that you’re doing this. There are so many people that never put action to their words and I hope this shit takes off, it looks beautiful and promising.

To update yourself with Lignum Skateboards and Perry’s daily decks, follow him on Instagram.

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Holy Holistic – It’s Cyber Monday

Holistic Skateshop is up and running and since it’s Cyber Monday you need to go find your mom’s credit card and gear up for when the snow melts away. Everything is 30% off. Just enter the promo code SKATEROWNED.

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Hasta Mañana

I’m coming home tomorrow. US Airways Flight 755 Paris CDG –> New York LGA.

Watch this shit.

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Bang Bang Bangers

I had to follow up my previous post with this spotlight on Dave Abair in The SHUFFL.

Watch it to understand why.

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Pop Clip #04

Pop Trading Company has released their fourth Pop Clip.

Besides witnessing the hardest, cleanest and most internationally acclaimed frontside 360 in this universe, this shortie is second to second hard action.

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Isle Skateboards Summer 2014

isle summer 2014

isle skateboards

I’m diggin’ so hard the art direction and consequently the final execution of Isle Skateboards’ new decks for this summer.

If you can’t fucking already tell, they grabbed three of their pros and asked them to gather items close to their heart, the sort of items that define who one is through day in and day out use, and of course sentimentality.

It’s a proper idea and if you haven’t heard about Isle yet, well, now you have.

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