365 Days in MeUndies

My attention has never been driven to think that my under garments happen to sub-par until I saw this delightfully enticing promo from MeUndies, a brand claiming to be the world’s most comfortable underwear. Miraculously, without even owning a pair of said world’s most comfortable undies, I agree with them.

Whoever is running the art direction for MeUndies is doing it how it should be done when selling underwear.

Just look at this popsicle shot.

For the rest of the day I will be considering ordering new under garments. I’m happy with that and for the moment I’m quite conscious about my genitals’ feelings.


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Interviews with Sergei Vasiliev

Fuel Design, you know the publishers of those Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedias, have produced a fantastically interesting 10 part series of interviews with the original photographer of these men and women of the Russian underworld.

Take a few moments from your day and watch these.

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Subscribe & Watch: Veritasium


Veritasium is the first youtube channel I’ve subscribed to.

It’s a perfect second-screener for wherever you find yourself. I personally watch this shit all day at work.

It’s a channel of shorts that reveals, video by video, the most intriguing subjects of science.

Take my advice, as you have taken it before, and start watching Veritasium. Start with this one about the speed of light.

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25 Best Films of 2013

If you’re like me you arrive to thepiratebay.sx ever so often with an empty list of movies to steal.

Use this compilation as a sort of inspirational instruction. Sit back, relax, takes notes and enjoy.

Note as well that the highly fucking anticipated “The Wolf of Wall Street” has not yet been released. I don’t know what the fuck it is doing in here but whatevs.

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This is the new Wes Anderson short titled Castello Cavalcanti. Presented by Prada.

The question we need to ask ourselves is what tie and crucial storytelling role, if at all possible, will this play in Wes’ new feature film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Bike Porn: Why I Ride

Raise your hand at your desk, in your room, surrounded by people, all alone, on the toilet, in transit, wherever the fuck you are, if you can feel with this dude and just want to ride a bike like a bat out of hell.

I don’t expect you to raise shit. It’s the weekend, at least raise some hell.

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