Leta Sobierajski & Odd Pears

Leta Sobierajski odd pears campaign

Leta Sobierajski odd pears

odd pears Leta Sobierajski campaign

odd pears Leta Sobierajski

Never heard of Leta Sobierajski. Never heard of Odd Pears. I for one am happy to have finally met them on the internet.

Miss Sobierajski (I swear to gud you can’t pronounce that shit unless you be Slavic of sorts) is a killer Art Director with clearly and eye for candy and delighting the mind.

Odd Pears is a sock company pun, just wait for it, that sells you three socks instead of a pair, giving you the chance to turn shit up a bit on the daily with your foot condoms.

It’s only natural that these two odd-jobs hooked up and made babies. Beautiful babies.

Buy Odd Pears socks and see the rest of the campaign on Leta’s site.

POST EDIT P.S. Leta is total babe. No jokes. Check her about section.

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Leica Rolling Through the Shadows: Claudio Majorana

claudio majorana leica photo

claudio majorana leica

claudio majorana photo

claudio majorana photography

claudio majorana photos

claudio majorana

leica claudio majorana rolling through the shadows

leica claudio majorana

Leica’s ongoing series titled Rolling Through the Shadows, whose aim is to bring to light the intense and romantic relationship between photography and skateboarding, has released a new issue around Italian shred Claudio Majorana.

Claudio has a stark voyeuristic view on the world. I feel a stark solace looking at his work. Alone yet surrounded by what doesn’t even matter.

You can read the interview/article here and see all of Claudio’s work here.

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Vallée Duhamel

Vallée duhamel design

Vallée duhamel

My words can’t do much good here. Vallée Duhamel is a team of three founded by two – today known as one of the most impressive, creative and fresh studios to work with.

They’re bat-shit-fucking brilliant. Why bat shit? Have you ever seen bat shit? Apparently there’s a form of really expensive and strong coffee made from bat shit. That’s not really why, but it helps.

Anyways Vallée Duhamel GO! GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!

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Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption

chris jordan intolerable beauty

chris jordan intolerable

chris jordan Portraits of American Mass Consumption

I’m really fucking moved by this series by photographer Chris Jordan. Intolerable Beauty forces you to painfully wonder how naturally shitty we are as consumers, as well as asking the question “who the hell is working on a solution for all of this shit?”.

There’s much more Intolerable Beauty to be seen on Chris Jordan’s site, so I suggest you see the rest of it here.

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Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand photo

Kim Høltermand photography

Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand is a genius architecture and adventure photographer whose name you should already know very well.

Plenty of imitators out there, here’s the original.

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Babes: Shot by Kern

The first three days of this week I was sick as a dog, so I spent most of my time like a soundless baby in bed with my eyes glued to Kern.

Watch his series.

Why the Russian version of Vice? So people at work start to think I have a double life.

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