Knee High of Christmas Eve

knee high of christmas eve

This is the segment where we mix Christmas and babes together. It’s also the segment where we wish you a happy holiday at home in your respected suburban town with your respected suburban family doing suburban shit.

Happy Holidays! Sorry if you’re not from the suburbs!

This knee high of the late week/Christmas eve is subtle and light with tones of wearing cute flats.

Although we can’t see the dainty shoes she’s wearing, we can guess per se that they are indeed flats based on the knee high/outfit color scheme. Flats would just work. Dainty flats.

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Babes on Babes on Babes

Life must be pretty boring right now. It’s Christmas break, we’re spending our days on Mom and Dad’s couch in front of the tube getting in some quality soap-opera time; and our nights trying to figure out if there’s anything to do ultimately realizing that no, there is nothing to do.

This is suburbia, it blows the hardest out of all things that blow.

Luckily I’ve gathered a few babes together to keep your brain functioning and possibly your cock.

Don’t be offended, just be understanding and enjoy.

Here’s our crutch, the Knee High of the Week
knee high of the week

This one’s for Joshua Bucolo.

scene girls

This one I want to marry.

Finally, this is something I want on my wall, or just as wallpaper in general.

seinfeld star wars

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Knee High of the Week

knee high of the weekYour favorite, my favorite, everyone’s favorite. The Knee High of the Week, deserving of hierarchy, deserving of all.


Where do I begin, where do I end?


I know they’re not knee high socks, and don’t be a shitty critic. These boots are obviously in because every cutie on campus is wearing them. It’s safe to say there’s only a few cuties on campus to be honest.


Switch out those dumb uggs and don’t wear fucking yoga pants that don’t hug every curve of your ass and legs, shit ain’t cute.


I guess this turned quickly into a campus rant, cheers.

Knee High of the Week

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Tumblr Post!

Wifi4Owls (temple’s network) is painfully slow today. I want punch everyone in starbucks and burn down the tech center.

More or less I just want to drink a little bit, a lotta bit.

If I had a tumblr I’d post stuff like this, so basically just babes, but that’s why I don’t have a tumblr and that’s why popflys isn’t a tumblr because there’s no success in something like that. Maybe personal enjoyment but not success, that’s rare when you have something like that.

Enjoy the Popflys tumblr style post. No links, no sources, no respect.

knee high of the week

What’d you think? Also where the hell are these lo-fi babes? I need to open my eyes more.

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Knee Highs of the Week

Three may be my lucky number but two is usually better than one, unless one starts to get demanding, then one is definitely better.

Anyways in this format (jpeg) I could take as many as you can fit.

In the perfect world knee highs would be the only socks manufactured and worn. We can only hope.

Here’s the part where I tell you to enjoy your day (and the babes) and where I tell you all how much I love you and your support.

Like us on Facebook too punks.

knee high of the week

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Knee High of the Week

knee high of the week

Woooooo boys we caught one here. Too bad I don’t know this classy laydee.

My laydee in Quebec used to wear an ensemble like this. I loved every bit of it.

Enjoy the day, enjoy our favorite weekly special, the knee high of the week.

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