How to Get the Ladies: Hardy Amies

Smart, Hardy Amies doesn’t have a single price for any of their beautiful articles of menswear on their site.

Would one say they’re priceless? Now that would be preposterous and damn pretentious as a description for something that degrades over time and is mostly esthetic.

What might be priceless is that emotion that rushes starting from the heart extending all the way to the corners of your ears and down to the edge of toes when you feel like what you’re wearing was made just for you and that nobody else could wear it.

I may be mistaken. I’ll let you know if that’s the case the next time I’m in London (which should be very soon) and swing by their atelier.

Check out their Autumn/Winter collection.

My two favorites are found below.

hardy amies

hardy amies

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It’s not summer in Paris yet…

Jamal Smith outtake I’ve never seen. I hope everyone chills with some fine ass honey dips down the beach this weekend for Memorial Day.

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How to Get the Ladies #5

officine generale 2013

officine generale

Vans Chukka Boot CA “Floral Camo”

Vans OTW Spring 2013 “Woven Pack”

Vans Vault Piragua LX Horween

wasted paris

wasted vetements


Here’s the list of things you need to get-the-fuck-on-board with ASAP to catch some pretty eyes. I’m serious, it’s almost spring my friends.

I’m not going to write much, I’ll let the wares do the talking. From top to bottom. Officine Generale.
Vans Chukka Boot CA “Floral Camo”.
Vans OTW Spring 2013 “Woven Pack”
Vans Vault Piragua LX Horween
Wasted Paris.

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How to Get the Ladies #4

I have to put some more time into this, and although it might be a bit loose with every issue I still hope that you enjoy these. Alors, for the fourth installment of “How to Get the Ladies” we’ll start with these Ronnie Fieg Dr. Martens jawns.

Just face it, you can do the camo thing, everyone can if they can just sport a little “bad ass” in their back pocket even though you’re far from it in reality. The silhouette selection is the same with the Bowery donning a mix of black and camo suede while the Rivington is decked out in oxblood red leather and suede camo.

Ronnie Fieg x Dr. MartensRonnie Fieg x Dr. Martens

Now to move on, I’m not sure where you live but I expect that you’re getting a bit cold right around this time of year. That means you need something to hide your sensitive peau from the elements.

Edwin Europe just released their Fall/Winter collectionand it’s totally bossed out with that industrial man swang (that’s not a word).

edwin europe fall winter

Lastly, to end this fourth “HtGtL,” we have the fall/winter collection from Jas M.B.a London based bag maker. Bag maker sounds stupid, but I’m fucking into this collection.

You shouldn’t be carrying much besides your laptop, notebook and some reading materials in your bag these days anyways. So why not just look fucking good doing it? I think I make sense.

jas m.b. fall winter

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How to Get the Ladies #3

Welcome to the third edition of “How to Get the Ladies,” trust me, this one is not only coordinated but it will also allow you, if worn correctly, to hear your first ever female-to-man cat call.

Let’s get moving, because I don’t have a lot of fucking time.

taylor stitchtaylor stitch indigo

We’re cascading top to bottom in wardrobe daperness as you can see right now.

Taylor Stitch just released this set of indigo goodies for you to keep warm and good looking.

levis 501 brooks brotherslevis brooks brothers vintagelevis brooks brothers

Moving down to the slacks you might have actually shit your current pair.

These are real. Brooks Brothers teamed up with Levi’s for a set of killer 501′s. Be weary ladies.

Tricker’s for End Hunting Co- British Craftsmanship Collection

And lastly, because we need to finish this up, the Tricker’s for End Hunting Co: British Craftsmanship Collection.

These are in very limited numbers, an exclusively beautiful shoe from British Shoemaker Tricker’s. Take the advice and you might be looking good.

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How to Get the Ladies #2

I’m surprised, a little astonished. I think this week’s How to Get the Ladies series is a “nice one.” Let’s start off with M.Nii, a surfer’s brand from Hawaii. Made in the USA and simply rad. Below is an image of some old school shred action followed up by their seasonally timed Heat Sheet Sweat.

As you move past that you’re bound to find, envy and possibly purchase a watch from Komono. They’re simple and cheap yet you’re going to find one that’s seemingly too perfect for you, or one for every other day sort of thing.

Now those will get you started with just looking the part, which is a man who knew what to put on today based on the science of dressing yourself. Which isn’t a science.

If you have a salary or your parent’s are looking to spoil you this holiday season, Band of Outsiders Fall collection will take you past third base upon first glance. I’m not kidding, look at Josh Brolin.

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