Hasta MaƱana

I’m coming home tomorrow. US Airways Flight 755 Paris CDG –> New York LGA.

Watch this shit.

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Bang Bang Bangers

I had to follow up my previous post with this spotlight on Dave Abair in The SHUFFL.

Watch it to understand why.

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Pop Clip #04

Pop Trading Company has released their fourth Pop Clip.

Besides witnessing the hardest, cleanest and most internationally acclaimed frontside 360 in this universe, this shortie is second to second hard action.

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Sagmeister is Breaking your Balls

Now I know you’re angry, and you don’t put up with one of the most authoritative designers in the world steppin’ on your J’s by saying that the conceptual organic juice bar blog you started last month doesn’t tell a fucking story.

But I think Mr. Sagmeister is right.

Every son of a bitch out there today, and I include myself in this one, believes that he/she has the golden fucking touch and deserves the corner office with a fat monthly check to wipe their ass with.

The truth is you don’t work hard enough, so fuck you and take that for advice.

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Tyler, The Creator – Granny (ft. Mac DeMarco)

Tyler, The Creator and Mac DeMarco turn shit up in this nightmarish psych ward waiting room number.
It’s about dreaming and being able to live your dreams. Amirite?

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Three years ago I was 21. I was cooling off from the July Brooklyn heat in Jake Zien’s apartment about to smoke a spliff with Austin Lotz and Bobby Dodd.

Zien, being the man of the times before the times, threw on what he was calling to be next big shit. What he threw on was “Purple” by A$AP Rocky and the rest is mother fucking history.

SVDDXNLY is a monumental film celebrating the rise of A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob, a force that gives you the god damn shivers, produced by Noisey.

Stay tuned for that.

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