Verena Michelitsch

verena michelitsch art direction

verena michelitsch design

verena michelitsch illustration

verena michelitsch tag werk

verena michelitsch

Verena Michelitsch is an Austrian designer, illustratrice, art director babe.

Quite impressive, she’s worked among the talented hands & minds of Sagmeister & Walsh, Pentagram and currently at RoAndCo.

Her work is enchanting and I wish you’d take a detailed look into it.

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1767 – Present in American Flags

pop chart lab american flags

Pop Chart Lab continues to produce posters that you want to frame and hold sacred.

Their latest represents 247 years of the American flag and all of the changes it underwent.

You can preorder it here.

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Carlin Diaz Appreciation Time

carlin diaz design

carlin diaz illustration

Long time pote (that’s homie in French) Carlin Diaz has recently stocked the shelves of his portfolio with some tasty snacks.

I simply want to illustrate my admiration for you and your work brother. Let’s pati soon.

He’s been working on some illustrations, animations and titles sequences for the shred film J’aime les filles (I like girls) with Parisian filmmaker Guillaume Périmony. I can’t wait to see it. Take a gander at one of his early films Megamix, you’ll be happy you did.

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Tom Hancocks

Tom Hancocks Archi Type

Tom Hancocks Neue Space 1

Tom Hancocks Neue Space 2

Tom Hancocks Neue Space 3

Tom Hancocks Neue Space 4

Tom Hancocks Neue Space 5

Recently realized that I keep coming back to page through the work of New York based visual artist Tom Hancocks.

He creates mesmerizing imagery bringing new life to every day patterns, shapes and objects. It all feels really fundamental yet fresh.

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Vallée Duhamel

Vallée duhamel design

Vallée duhamel

My words can’t do much good here. Vallée Duhamel is a team of three founded by two – today known as one of the most impressive, creative and fresh studios to work with.

They’re bat-shit-fucking brilliant. Why bat shit? Have you ever seen bat shit? Apparently there’s a form of really expensive and strong coffee made from bat shit. That’s not really why, but it helps.

Anyways Vallée Duhamel GO! GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!

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Font Men: The Hoefler & Frere-Jones Story

There’s not a gang more proper nor professional than these two thugs.

They’re the soft spoken, intelligent juggernauts of typography and if you don’t know who they are shame on you bitch.

“Font Men, gives a peek behind the curtain into the world of Jonathan and Tobias. Tracking the history of their personal trajectories, sharing the forces that brought them together and giving an exclusive look at the successful empire they built together.”

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