Long Overdue – Babe Break









Some of you have been coming back for days and weeks with a heavy hand, index finger on that scroll wheel and eyes with an appetite.

They’re back and I’m going to take a stand to provide a babe break every week because I just came to the realization that even I have been missing this in my life. I love posting it and I love you.

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BABE – FOS – MH,RS – 80′S

FOS is my acronym for A Flock of Seagulls because this short created by Victor Pakpour made me believe to be regarding real life enacted scenes from GTA Vice City.

It’s for Miami Horror’s hit “Real Slow.” I don’t know if it’s a hit. I just said to myself and wrote it down here.

Anyways, don’t spit your sauce out on your computer. That babe is Samantha Basalari <3 <3 <3 <3.

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Noémie Cédille: Babe Who Designs

noemie cedille

noemie cedille design

noemie cedille illustration

Noemie Cedille

It’s been far far far too long. As I’ve embarrassingly have been forced to explain to several people, I’m having a hard time posting babes at the moment. Due to the fact that my posting time is towards the either bitter or sweet end of my work days because I unfortunately don’t have a steadily strong internet connection at my current apartment.

My creative director’s office is behind me. It might be a bit fucked up if she found me downloading total foxes and writing about them when I should be putting pencil to pixel and mind to matter.

This will all change in roughly 20 days.

Right now I have Noémie Cédille for you.

She’s a wonderfully talented designer/illustrator, lives and works in Paris and best of all, is a total fucking babe.

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Kenzo x Vans: The Last Chapter

kenzo vans collection

new kenzo vans

kenzo vans part 5

kenzo vans

kenzo x vans

vans kenzo collection

vans kenzo

vans x kenzo

Apparently this is the final Kenzo x Vans collection.

I’ve admired what these two spectacularly renowned brands have produced during the span of their collaboration and if this is truly the end I must say damn.

Like most Kenzo gear, you’ll have to go out of your way to get your hands on it and not to mention check your bank account’s balance before going forward with the purchase.

Worth it.

See the full collection here.

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Babes & Babes & Babes

alana bunte

amber mitchell

ashley fisher babe




katya raibinkina

marinet matthee

nina agdal

penelope cruz

Opportune time to write about my life right now figuring that nobody in their right mind would spend time reading several sentences after witnessing what was just recently witnessed about this said text.

I’m going to be the director between tech and design at Marcel, an agency that merged with Publicis a few years ago, in three weeks. Needless to say I’m more than fucking stoked on this and totally ready to work like a dog on the clients leash until I hit the top.

I’m cooking more, Paris is quite dead in August, doing some freelance work, reading more, not really smoking anymore and trying to shave on the daily for who knows who or what.

Bon voyage.

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Kimi Selfridge

Kimi Selfridge photo

Kimi Selfridge photography

Kimi Selfridge photos

Kimi Selfridge

tan camera

Kimi Selfridge goes under the alias of Tan Camera. My girlfriend showed her to me because she understands that I like looking at babes, she does too. You can say that we’re babe watchers, in fact now I know where all of our time went while she was living with me in Paris.

Kimi or Tan Camera is a photographer obviously but also a stylist based in NYC. What’s honorable about her work is that there are no alterations or edits made to any of them. True beauts.

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