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Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni mens health

Leticia Bufoni skate

Leticia Bufoni skateboarder

Leticia Bufoni is a Brazilian skate babe. There’s no doubt about that.

The Boardr calls her a 10+ stair and we can’t agree more.

Looks like she’s all grown up and still shreds harder than you dream.

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This Is Not Safe For Work

Although at my job I can get away with watching this in front of just about anyone. You should see some of the shit people watch here with inspiration and the see it all to know it all in their defense.

That’s how I like it anyways.

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Babes: Shot by Kern

The first three days of this week I was sick as a dog, so I spent most of my time like a soundless baby in bed with my eyes glued to Kern.

Watch his series.

Why the Russian version of Vice? So people at work start to think I have a double life.

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Babe Break


babe ferarri

babe polaroid

babe smoking

babe with camera








beach babe

As promised. The weekly babe break.

I’m so full of joy and pre-christmas spirit right now I could spit holly.

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Best of Tumblr 2013

tumblr year in review

The team at Tumblr released their year in review and it’s fucking sick.

I’ll let them explain it for me.

Tumblr’s Year in Review is a showcase of the best stuff on the Internet from 2013. Follow along for a daily dose of creativity, humor, humanity, fandom, and sharing.

And GIFs. Lots of GIFs!

How’d we get these incredible results? We analyzed millions of blogs, billions of posts, and zillions of notes according to a number of factors — total volume of posts and tags (original and reblogged), web traffic, follower growth over time, and more. Finally, we put them into the blog you’re reading right now. Hello!

TL;DR — It’s been a great year!

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Long Overdue – Babe Break









Some of you have been coming back for days and weeks with a heavy hand, index finger on that scroll wheel and eyes with an appetite.

They’re back and I’m going to take a stand to provide a babe break every week because I just came to the realization that even I have been missing this in my life. I love posting it and I love you.

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