Tamara Lictenstein: New Work

Miss Tamara Lictenstein was once honored the noble medal of photography: Babe Shooting Babes from the P.O.C.P (Popflys Official Counsel of Photographie), and now as good friends and the owner of one of her prints, I must post her newly released work!

She’s one to make you jealous in an array of fashions. I believe she works solely with film which is always admirable and adds truth. Her art direction is incredible, the composition ties a perfect knot with each model, light and location. Once a BSB, always a BSB. Tamara Lictenstein.

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BSB: Chloe Aftel

We got one. It’s been awhile, in fact it’s been a long-fucking-while.

Chloe Aftel is a babe shooting babes (BSB) and we’re so damn thankful for that.

Besides that interesting little detail, the majority of her babes are bound to the frames of a polaroid instant.

When you purchase polaroid film you usually save it for something special to shoot, but nothing special comes around.

Each shot of Chloe’s will make you envious and upset with your boring fucking life.

Also, as a prerequisite to becoming a BSB, Chloe is totally cute.

chloe aftelchloe aftelchloe aftelchloe aftel

See more of her work.

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Pretty Damn Sure She’s a BSB

Magda dzanashvili

Magda Dzanashvili is one of those flickr gems who just doesn’t publicly reveal any photos of herself.

In a normal world this isn’t a problem but here we need these “profile pictures” and self portraits to merit the award “babe shooting babes”.

I’m just going to throw up the flag and say that Ms. Magda Dzanashvili (from Berlin) is a babe and it’s clear that her fantastic flickr stream contains three perfect pages of babes and incredible lighting.

Magda dzanashvili photographyMagda dzanashvili photographyMagda dzanashvili

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Leila Peterson: A Demi-BSB

leila peterson photography

It goes without question that this Los Angeles based Hawaiian born photographer is a babe. She just needs to shoot a few more babes to earn the merit.

Besides that she shoots film which is always four thumbs up and has some astonishing work with Polaroid and 200 films.

leila peterson photoleila peterson photoleila peterson photographyleila peterson photographyleila peterson photographyleila peterson photography

See more by Leila Peterson.

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BSB: Eylul Aslan

eylul aslan

More than excited to be on a roll right now with the babes who shoot babes. It’s like a godsend. Two days in a row.

Eylul Aslan is a babe from Istanbul, Turkey with an overwhelmingly large portfolio of self-portraiture, babeage, babes-on-babeage and generally pretty pictures.

Her shots are sensitive and have a documentative feeling.

I feel like she was the art director for some Spike Jonze shit or the Bombay flick from El Guincho.

Enjoy her while she’s here and bookmark her flickr because it’s loaded; our BSB Eylul Aslan.

eylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslaneylul aslan

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BSB: Anita Dada

anita dada


Anita Dada is from Rome but claims to be from nowhere.

Her style is mimicked constantly. I mean this in a way that Anita is the one that doesn’t fuck around.

She doesn’t just set-up a scene that looks to be chaotic youth in revolt after being ambitiously inspired by Terry Richardson.

Since 90% of her shots are self-portraits, it’s absolutely truth in scene.

There’s no false sentiment or any bit of one of her photos that seems flimsy.

All in all, she’s a perfect BSB. We work hard to find these.

anita dada photosanita dada photoanita dada photographyanita dada photosanita dada photos

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