Kimi Selfridge

Kimi Selfridge photo

Kimi Selfridge photography

Kimi Selfridge photos

Kimi Selfridge

tan camera

Kimi Selfridge goes under the alias of Tan Camera. My girlfriend showed her to me because she understands that I like looking at babes, she does too. You can say that we’re babe watchers, in fact now I know where all of our time went while she was living with me in Paris.

Kimi or Tan Camera is a photographer obviously but also a stylist based in NYC. What’s honorable about her work is that there are no alterations or edits made to any of them. True beauts.

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BSB: Sophie Pellegrini

sophie pellegrini photo

sophie pellegrini photography

sophie pellegrini


Sophie Pellegrini came to me as a submission, harmless and innocent.

Incredible work, although as I’m always honest here I’m not a fan of your work that revolves around humans & a subject, it feels forced.

Anyways I’m going to just make this call because I feel like I have the authority to.

Sophie Pellegrini is a BSB, a babe who shoots babes. I’m quite certain that the majority of these photos are self-portraiture and that might make her a babe who shoots babe-self, a BSB-S.

I love it, the colors, the fades, the emotion and lack of mise en scène I’m getting while at the same time what seems to be perfect composition for the moment captured.

Keep being a babe and taking babe pictures of yourself and your friends Sophie, and if I’m mistaken then I’m sorry.

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Babe Shooting Babes: Alejandra Guerrero

Alejandra Guerrero

You’re probably wondering why-the-fucking-screenshot and not a load of images from Ms. Alejandra Guerrero if my BSB claim is to stand up to the public eye.

She has some seriously threatening text written in her flickr profile and honestly it scared me. She’s fucking frightening.

Anyways on with this paragraph, Alejandra is a babe who shoots babes in a very erotic light that requires your attention.

Visit her flickr or her portfolio site.

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Tifani Ennis

good ship photography

tifani ennis photography

good ship photography

good ship photography

Tifani Ennis is GoodShip Photography and vice versa. I’m pretty sure Tifani is a BSB as well, but proof isn’t consistent with my thoughts.

I think you’re intrigued and I think you should consider continuing your visual voyage on her site where you’ll find more kaleidoscopic babes and beautiful colors.

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Anastasia Glebova

Anastasia Glebova

Anastasia Glebova s

Anastasia Glebova photoss

Anastasia Glebova photoss

Anastasia Glebova photo

Anastasia Glebova photo

Anastasia Glebova photo

Anastasia Glebova phootbsb

One of many things which are certain is that Anastasia Glebova is a Babe Shooting Babes (BSB). She’s much more than that though, I typically don’t obsess over a rather unknown photographer’s portfolio but I scanned (with my eyes) every single photo of Anastasia’s.

To be technical the compositions are something I had to get used to, she likes to shoot from below. Regardless you need to spend some time looking at and inspiring from the work of Anastasia Glebova, who’s portrait is the blonde beauty right above this bit of texst..

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The Daydreamers by Lovisa Ingman

the daydreamers  Julia Oliv And Hanna Rundlof By Lovisa Ingman For Contributor Magazine

the daydreamers  Julia Oliv And Hanna Rundlof By Lovisa Ingman

the daydreamers  Julia Oliv And Hanna Rundlof

lovisa ingman

This made me happy. Hell of a shoot by the talented and lovely Lovisa Ingman for Contributor Magazine.

Want a cherry on top of that sundae? Lovisa is a BSB (babe shooting babes), that’s right (the last picture is her). It’s been a long time coming and we’re thankful to have found another one; it’s much harder than you think. Take a look at Lovisa’s work and be sure to look at her.

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