If you didn’t watch the visually pleasing film advertisement that was produced for the ROY G BIV Color Synthesizer Application, then allow me to explain it to you.

It’s an application. It’s a synthesizer. It’s parameters are based on the color your telephone’s camera records. That means you can make colors sing.

There are some real big-wigs behind this project, from the dead Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dick Cheney, Ernest Hemingway and more and more. To see the whole list of who had a hand in this beaut you can check the vimeo credits HERE.

Download that shit on iPhone or Android.

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Genius work once again from TOILETPAPER for KENZO’s 2014 campaign.

I do believe this is the second year that they’re working together and it’s once again pure magic and excitement.

If your poor soul hasn’t had the chance in getting to know TOILETPAPER yet, I say it’s high time that you do.

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Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk wood carpet

Elisa Strozyk wooden carpet

Elisa Strozyk wooden textile

Elisa Strozyk wooden textiles

Elisa Strozyk is a Berlin born artist and maker who creates these enticing wooden rugs & blankets.

I personally am head over heels for that blanket, you know that no woman could resist the inquiry to snuggle beneath it, immersed in the scent of what looks to be pine, body contact and sexual intentions.

See more of Elisa’s creations here.

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Verena Michelitsch

verena michelitsch art direction

verena michelitsch design

verena michelitsch illustration

verena michelitsch tag werk

verena michelitsch

Verena Michelitsch is an Austrian designer, illustratrice, art director babe.

Quite impressive, she’s worked among the talented hands & minds of Sagmeister & Walsh, Pentagram and currently at RoAndCo.

Her work is enchanting and I wish you’d take a detailed look into it.

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1767 – Present in American Flags

pop chart lab american flags

Pop Chart Lab continues to produce posters that you want to frame and hold sacred.

Their latest represents 247 years of the American flag and all of the changes it underwent.

You can preorder it here.

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Carlin Diaz Appreciation Time

carlin diaz design

carlin diaz illustration

Long time pote (that’s homie in French) Carlin Diaz has recently stocked the shelves of his portfolio with some tasty snacks.

I simply want to illustrate my admiration for you and your work brother. Let’s pati soon.

He’s been working on some illustrations, animations and titles sequences for the shred film J’aime les filles (I like girls) with Parisian filmmaker Guillaume PĂ©rimony. I can’t wait to see it. Take a gander at one of his early films Megamix, you’ll be happy you did.

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