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UNICEF – The Greatest Story

This one makes me smile.

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Best of Tumblr 2013

tumblr year in review

The team at Tumblr released their year in review and it’s fucking sick.

I’ll let them explain it for me.

Tumblr’s Year in Review is a showcase of the best stuff on the Internet from 2013. Follow along for a daily dose of creativity, humor, humanity, fandom, and sharing.

And GIFs. Lots of GIFs!

How’d we get these incredible results? We analyzed millions of blogs, billions of posts, and zillions of notes according to a number of factors — total volume of posts and tags (original and reblogged), web traffic, follower growth over time, and more. Finally, we put them into the blog you’re reading right now. Hello!

TL;DR — It’s been a great year!

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KFC Killed Christmas

What’s meant by that is that Kentucky Fried Chicken literally destroyed the Christmas advertising campaign season with this spot.

Who did it? I don’t know, I made a few search queries and gave up.

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Parliament’s Running Out of Crap

BBC Three commissioned this quickly thought of and carried out stunt on British Parliament.

In my eyes it’s a shame that she’s not getting more coverage. I found it funny the first go around but not it’s a bit calm. I guess it’s not one of those bits you share around with your friends and family without hesitation.

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Ron Burgundy Signed on for 4 more

All four of these are brand new, you should feel privileged that you’re even seeing these right now. They literally just got out of the post-prod room and uploaded to the Y-Tubes.

You’re very very lucky.

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copenhagen childrens library

Hvass&Hannibal childrens library


Hvass&Hannibal kemistry

Hvass&Hannibal, who ain’t down with spaces around their ampersand, are a fucking killer design studio.

If you know me, then you fully understand that witty lines and well executed advertising, that of which cuts like a god damn guillotine right through the head of the body of whatever-the-fuck-you-were-doing, makes me fuzzy and warm.

It’s rare to find a super talented design studio, that’s esthetic forté is equally balanced with its dare I say the word “idea-ation”.

With no further adieu, I suggest you click over to Hvass&Hannibal’s portfolio.

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