Leta Sobierajski & Odd Pears

Leta Sobierajski odd pears campaign

Leta Sobierajski odd pears

odd pears Leta Sobierajski campaign

odd pears Leta Sobierajski

Never heard of Leta Sobierajski. Never heard of Odd Pears. I for one am happy to have finally met them on the internet.

Miss Sobierajski (I swear to gud you can’t pronounce that shit unless you be Slavic of sorts) is a killer Art Director with clearly and eye for candy and delighting the mind.

Odd Pears is a sock company pun, just wait for it, that sells you three socks instead of a pair, giving you the chance to turn shit up a bit on the daily with your foot condoms.

It’s only natural that these two odd-jobs hooked up and made babies. Beautiful babies.

Buy Odd Pears socks and see the rest of the campaign on Leta’s site.

POST EDIT P.S. Leta is total babe. No jokes. Check her about section.

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The Universal Typeface Experiment

universal typeface experiment

You probably never realized it but BIC is your god damned lifeblood. Specifically the BIC Cristal Ball Point Pen (deserving of ALLCAPS and shit, BIC get’s so turnt up that they decided to reinvent the spelling of Crystal. They only fuck with the undisputed vowels).

They created this well put together and rather interesting web app/experiment/project jawn that connects whatever fucking device you have on hand to your computer, and once connected you can contribute to the universal typeface.

Shit’s already boasting 125 different countries and almost one and half million characters.

Go check out The Universal Typeface Experiment and contribute that chicken scratch you call handwriting.

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365 Days in MeUndies

My attention has never been driven to think that my under garments happen to sub-par until I saw this delightfully enticing promo from MeUndies, a brand claiming to be the world’s most comfortable underwear. Miraculously, without even owning a pair of said world’s most comfortable undies, I agree with them.

Whoever is running the art direction for MeUndies is doing it how it should be done when selling underwear.

Just look at this popsicle shot.

For the rest of the day I will be considering ordering new under garments. I’m happy with that and for the moment I’m quite conscious about my genitals’ feelings.


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If you didn’t watch the visually pleasing film advertisement that was produced for the ROY G BIV Color Synthesizer Application, then allow me to explain it to you.

It’s an application. It’s a synthesizer. It’s parameters are based on the color your telephone’s camera records. That means you can make colors sing.

There are some real big-wigs behind this project, from the dead Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dick Cheney, Ernest Hemingway and more and more. To see the whole list of who had a hand in this beaut you can check the vimeo credits HERE.

Download that shit on iPhone or Android.

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Genius work once again from TOILETPAPER for KENZO’s 2014 campaign.

I do believe this is the second year that they’re working together and it’s once again pure magic and excitement.

If your poor soul hasn’t had the chance in getting to know TOILETPAPER yet, I say it’s high time that you do.

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Bob Hoffman – The Golden Age of Bullshit

I’m about to watch this. Without popcorn.

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