BSB: Sophie Pellegrini

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sophie pellegrini photo

sophie pellegrini photography

sophie pellegrini


Sophie Pellegrini came to me as a submission, harmless and innocent.

Incredible work, although as I’m always honest here I’m not a fan of your work that revolves around humans & a subject, it feels forced.

Anyways I’m going to just make this call because I feel like I have the authority to.

Sophie Pellegrini is a BSB, a babe who shoots babes. I’m quite certain that the majority of these photos are self-portraiture and that might make her a babe who shoots babe-self, a BSB-S.

I love it, the colors, the fades, the emotion and lack of mise en scène I’m getting while at the same time what seems to be perfect composition for the moment captured.

Keep being a babe and taking babe pictures of yourself and your friends Sophie, and if I’m mistaken then I’m sorry.

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