It’s not summer in Paris yet…

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Jamal Smith outtake I’ve never seen. I hope everyone chills with some fine ass honey dips down the beach this weekend for Memorial Day.

Brand New Conference Opening Remarks

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I didn’t attend the Brand New Conference up in New York this past week but fortunately Design Work Life posted Armin’s opening remarks from the conference. It’s a half hour long but worth the watch. He recaps every major identity change in the past year and bitches about Helvetica…you watching it yet? Edit: Sorry about […]

A great beer commercial

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This is totally worth your time. Just watch it. Snaked from underconsideration.

Smear Campaign – POOP BAGS

Here is a new project that our good friend Scott Kmiec has been painstakingly working on. It’s called Smear Campaign! Political Dog Poop Bags! Yes I know, this sounds kind of absurd. But after you check out the website I think you’ll find the idea to be a lot of fun. Scott partnered up with […]


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Scott Kmiec, Nick Orso and Phil Jackson have been working on this thing for God knows how long and it’s finally done. Visit the official site to see the whole list of contributors, you’re gonna geek when you see some of the big names. I got to peep the book early and it’s rad as shit! There’s […]

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole

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I know this joke is old, played out and maybe even more annoying than the font…i mean typeface itself but it’s well worth the read. A monologue on comic sans by Mike Lacher for McSweenys. – Listen up. I know the shit you’ve been saying behind my back. You think I’m stupid. You think I’m […]