Down and Out

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The Queen is dead. I’m sure you’ve noticed. The last post was in January, before that, Cyber fucking Monday.I’m moving back to NYC in two weeks. Au revoir Paris. Maybe the Brooklyn air will inspire a new Popflys. Anyways, I’ll get back to you on that. So until then, have fun, god speed, good skate, […]

Perry’s Pressing & Painting

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in art stuff, design, illustration, shred, skate | No Comments

Although I’m out in Paris, far far away from longtime soulmate, poutine partner and swell-bud, Mike Perry; I’ve noticed that he’s been pressing, cutting, shaping and painting decks for what looks to be called Lignum Skateboards.I remember awhile back we were writing to each other and he mentioned starting up a deck press. Well the […]

Holy Holistic – It’s Cyber Monday

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Holistic Skateshop is up and running and since it’s Cyber Monday you need to go find your mom’s credit card and gear up for when the snow melts away. Everything is 30% off. Just enter the promo code SKATEROWNED.

Hasta Mañana

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I’m coming home tomorrow. US Airways Flight 755 Paris CDG –> New York LGA.Watch this shit.

Don’t Lose Your 90′s

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Let me introduce to you Coke Magic.They’re like the best concept store you’ll ever set your fucking eyes on, because the concept is the 90′s and it’s not even a concept at all, it’s reality lost and we’re all clearly still on that fucking comedown. Now I know that dropping like 40 bones for a […]

Converse Chuck Taylor Tri-Color Pack

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I haven’t considered sportin’ a pair of Chuck’s in probably a damn decade. Now I just want to hook my feet up with these jawns, mainly because they’re simple and sexy (simply sexy), and strut. You can grab them at Kith NYC online or in store.

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