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GX1000: Moving Violation

Do you like it when your trucks make love with loading decks of various sizes and aluminum qualities?

Do you like popping BIG ollies onto the hoods of pedestrian vehicles, parked or moving? Don’t fret, there’s no discrimination here.

Thrasher released this 5:33 long clip just for you, so watch it.

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Vallée Duhamel

Vallée duhamel design

Vallée duhamel

My words can’t do much good here. Vallée Duhamel is a team of three founded by two – today known as one of the most impressive, creative and fresh studios to work with.

They’re bat-shit-fucking brilliant. Why bat shit? Have you ever seen bat shit? Apparently there’s a form of really expensive and strong coffee made from bat shit. That’s not really why, but it helps.

Anyways Vallée Duhamel GO! GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!

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Vans & Vans

Vans California Spring 2014 “Floral Camo” Pack

Prima Visione x Vans Vault Era LX

Prima Visione x Vans Vault

Prima Visione x Vans

Your a Vans groupie like me. That’s why your eyes are now reading this paragraph that I’ve written to find out where the hell you can click a hyperlink sending you to a place where you’ll fill out a form and put in your card details. Don’t forget the shipping address.

First up, the Vans California Spring Floral Camo Pack, you can practically smell those fucking roses. Get them puppies on your stank-ass feet over at WishATL playa.

Next up we have some twins draped in fucking Prima Visione cloth, that’s like Italian for fucking prime vision or something doe.

Get your grimy mitts on this hyperlink for those jimmies.

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Start Reading: Four Pins

four pins

Four Pins is a mens fashion fucking gold mine for those of you who are sick of reading jawnin’ ass styling tips from chuds with wives who don’t know how to fucking pop champagne on various naked butts nor pop an ollie.

You must start reading it. I don’t know if that means bookmarking this shit, emailing it to yourself or facebooking your fucking friends. Just start reading Four Pins.

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b4-16 tumblr

B4XVI tumblr



B4 XVI is a fantastic, and frankly subliminally needed, comparison highlighting an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before the 16th century.

This project can’t be easy, and must require a whole-shit-load of time to discover new connections.

It’s run by miss Cecilia Azcarate, one of the eccentric members of the Good Ideas Club.

By golly’s mimford turnip I sure do hope that you continue this project Cecila.

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Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption

chris jordan intolerable beauty

chris jordan intolerable

chris jordan Portraits of American Mass Consumption

I’m really fucking moved by this series by photographer Chris Jordan. Intolerable Beauty forces you to painfully wonder how naturally shitty we are as consumers, as well as asking the question “who the hell is working on a solution for all of this shit?”.

There’s much more Intolerable Beauty to be seen on Chris Jordan’s site, so I suggest you see the rest of it here.

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